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The Only Thing Preventing You From Investing Is Your Lack Of Knowledge: Download My Entire Playbook

Download Our 20-step playbook with video training modules - Generate Low Cost Multifamily Leads

Quit your day job, free yourself, and make millions. Sound too good to be true?

This is exactly what we did by following all of the steps in this real estate investing lead generation playbook. We are making it available to show you every step in detail with video training so you can copy our methods instead of struggling on your own.

We bought over 250 units in 2 years and generated over 10 million in real estate using this exact strategy. 

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Unlock The Door To Off-Market Real Estate Opportunities: Download My Entire Playbook

HiddenDeals REI Playbook takes the stress and confusion out of real estate investing. We leverage a specific approach that has been tested in the current market, utilizing off-market opportunities to avoid high purchase prices and competition.

There are many ways to succeed in real estate investing from single family, multi-family, storage facilities, AirBnb, and much more…

One thing in common with all of these investment strategies is most transactions are first, marketed properties seen publicly to sell at the highest price. For an investor looking for deals, this can be a financial hurdle as your analysis/numbers and profit margins drastically continue to tighten as the prices increase.

Take out the guessing and confusion and download my entire system by clicking below. You get access to over 20 modules that hold your hand and show you EXACTLY how I was able to make over 10 million dollars in real estate with minimal effort. 

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Why Master Off-Market Deals?

Buying a Multifamily or income-generating properties is one of the best investments you can make. We teach you to find off-market opportunities for a few specific reasons.

  • Off-market purchases often prove to be cheaper due to the lack of competition.

  • More flexibility in your terms: Owner finance, balloon payments, or other special terms may be reached.

  • It is much easier to cash flow and improve margins. 

  • How it works

    Investing should be easy and that's exactly how we instruct you

    Download Our Entire Step-by-step Playbook

    You Get Over 20 Course Modules That Show You Every Step To Finding Great Deals

    Start implementing our system step by step

    Begin your journey learning our systems for acquisition and management to scale your real estate portfolio. 

    Grow your portfolio

    Monthly accountability sessions to ensure you are scaling your portfolio safely and effectively.

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    What investors are saying

    Investors Cannot Get Enough Of Our Playbook!

    ''I started investing two months ago and I actually closed multiple deals."

    Tyler Mac

    ''I like that simplicity they teach. It allows to make great returns quickly.''

    Mike M.

    ''I let my money start working in my favor. Will see how much I make in upcoming years.''

    Matt Smith

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    Our Mission

    Real estate investing can feel ominous to those looking at it from a traditional standpoint. Meaning most think the only way to invest in real estate is to save enough money to make a downpayment and use conventional means of financing through a bank or mortgage company.

    Additionally, with so many avenues in real estate investing, it can get overwhelming. So much to think about from Airbnb, multi-family, commercial, storage, arbitrage, real estate sales, and more… It is an endless world of possibilities.

    When I started my investing journey, I realized the lack of actual great deals publicly marketed. Most properties sold are not listed on the MLS, yet most investors focus heavily on the MLS because it is a publicly listed area for brokers and sellers to list their property with ease of transaction. However, buyers looking for great deals may find them hard to come by on the market. Those properties are sold for top dollar, and typically this puts a severe crunch around your profit margins.

    YES, there are deals on the MLS, and sometimes, this path can work. However, using off-market techniques, I have been able to buy, flip, and wholesale so many amazing great deals that blow a good deal away on the MLS. My work in the off-market arena produced excellent results, and other real estate investors began contacting me to ask for help in finding properties. I noticed that almost all of the off-market properties I was able to locate, lock up, and assist in the purchase for others ended up solving a hurdle for that person.

    Some of the issues brought to my attention were a family member passing away, tenant issues, or simply "tired Landlord syndrome." I began to find these obstacles a challenge and focused more of my efforts on solving the other party's problem, which led to an even greater abundance of leads and more fantastic deals.

    My strategies focus on off-market direct to seller methods that are tried and true and continue to work in a market with inflated real estate pricing. Navigating off-market real estate lead sourcing takes a lot of work; it is time-intensive and requires extreme persistence. Whether you are a first-time investor or have a handful of properties under your belt, off-market leads will always trump on-market opportunities.

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